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Every auto accident is stressful, but what happens afterwards doesn't have to be traumatic as well. Jill Franklin's Auto Accident Survivor's Guide for British Columbia will show you how to be an effective advocate with ICBC, WorkSafeBC, lawyers, health care providers, and government agencies. With over 250,000 auto accidents in BC each year and more than 75,000 people injured or killed, this book is the best insurance you can buy. Regardless of how mild or severe your injuries are, you need the Auto Accident Survivor's Guide if you've been in an accident.

Everything you need to know after an auto accident is in this book!

They know how the system works... do you?

ICBC's website only tells you what they want you to know.

Legal websites try to sell you their lawyers' services.

This book has no hidden agenda - it provides objective and unbiased advice you can trust.

It's sole purpose is to demystify the medical-legal-insurance system.

"Fabulous! A tour de force on what to do if you're injured in an auto accident."
          Terry Moore, CFAX radio host

"The only useful resource out there"
          Bob Rorison, MADD Vancouver

"Gutsy - a great reference source."
          Chris DeVito, COOP radio

"A superb consumer advocacy guide."
          Trial Lawyers Association of BC quarterly

"The best preparation anyone can have in case of an accident."
          BC Psychological Association Journal

"A 'must' on the shelf of every motorist, bicycle rider and pedestrian."
          Lin Stevens, author, psychotherapist

"Extremely well researched... insightful. Highly recommended."
          Alex Jackson, Vocational Rehab Consultant

Auto Accident Survivor's Guide for British Columbia

When Vancouver author Jill Franklin was severely injured in an accident, she learned the hard way how to get good medical care, good legal advice, and how to protect herself with ICBC.

After her case settled, she spent several years researching the medical-legal-insurance system in BC and writing the book she wished she'd had. This information is now available to you.

For many people the trauma of dealing with the medical-legal-insurance system after a collision is worse than the accident or the injuries suffered. Don't let this happen to you!

Learn how to protect your rights, get the care you need, and the benefits and compensation you're entitled to.

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Expert advice for your ICBC or WorkSafeBC insurance claim!

This highly acclaimed book is recommended by doctors, lawyers, psychologists, health care associations, accident victims' support organizations  and disability groups.

Your ONLY source for unbiased and independent expert advice about ICBC and WorkSafeBC auto accident injury claims